Important Information – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus, keeping you COVID secure

Our Approach

We are continuing to work safely

Throughout the crisis, we have been focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for all our clients and service users, whilst looking after our people and our business.

Our services have continued to be in high demand, but people’s wellbeing remains our number one priority.

So, we are moving forward with our plans to fully reopen services wherever it is the right thing to do, however we can only do that if we continue to stay safe and take a measured, carefully thought-out approach in the weeks ahead.

Safe working

However, safe ways of working will stay in place for the good of customers, service users and staff for the time being.

Our staff will continue to observe social distancing and the use of PPE as they have done over the last year.

We are also maintaining our existing hygiene, cleaning and safety measures.

  • Thorough risk assessments in place for group working
  • Social distancing where possible, marked out
  • Temperature checks are place for visitors and individuals we support
  • Limiting visitors and implementing staff home working where appropriate to reduce numbers in our Burnley building
  • Lateral flow testing is available for all individuals we support

In addition, where we have introduced new ways of supporting clients and service users, such as video group sessions, these will stay in place if they have shown that they improve accessibility and choice.

You can find up-to-date guidance here:

From 16 August 2021, adults who are double vaccinated, and children under 18, no longer need to isolate when in contact with a positive COVID case. You can read more here: 

Thank you

To our clients and service users, colleagues, and partners: thank you once again for all your support, your patience and your continued commitment to helping us deliver the best possible services.

Updated: 16th August 2021

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