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Posted on 9 November 2023

Gateway’s pathfinder project gains Minister’s support

Mims Davies, Minister for Social Mobility, Youth & Progression, visited the Stockport DWP Youth Hub in a visit highlighting the barriers young people face with employment.

Young people working with DWP were present at the visit to talk through the struggles they face with employment in the area.

Awareness was raised on barriers for youngsters including finding long-term suitable accommodation. Mims Davies highlighted the work of Progression coaches at Gateway’s Pathfinder project and the importance of creating stability for young people and overcoming challenges including preventing homelessness.

The Pathfinder project works with young people in Greater Manchester, aged 18-25, at the risk of homelessness. Pathfinder coaches help young people to improve their financially stability and support networks and will also assist in removing the risks of homelessness and finding suitable long-term accommodation.

Natasha Georgeson, Senior Progression Coach at Gateway: “It was great to speak to Mims Davies about the role of coaches in our Pathfinder Support service and highlight the working partnership we have with DWP Youth Hub in Stockport and Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Young people in Stockport face many barriers to employment including finding long term suitable accommodation. The Pathfinder project can help remove risks for young people that may affect their job prospects from financial stability to support networks in place.”

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